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"I Poise to achieve a well balanced approach to fitness. It’s been the perfect compliment to a life long love of running. Adding strength and function exercises work muscles I never knew I had. I love the top notch instructors, challenging workouts, and family atmosphere!"

Diane S.

“I Poise because I hate working out and it’s the only workout I’ve ever been able to stick with. As a mom and a business owner, it’s crucial that I set the right example for my daughter. Poise makes working out feel less like a chore and more like a get-together with friends! The music, the trainers, all of it. Poise has made a healthy lifestyle part of my routine, and I couldn’t be more grateful.”

Trudi S.

“I Poise because, I love the vibe, the intensity and the energy in the gym and the variety of workouts to choose from."

Ricky R.

Here we bid farewell to old injuries and slower running speeds as we feature Sally: an avid runner who hit a familiar plateau. "Getting back into running can be difficult after years of putting it aside. I was experiencing constant leg aches and shin splints. The first thing I noticed since joining Poise, was that I was no longer having this issue. I also improved my half marathon pace by 12 min, 31 sec since I started at Poise."