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"I Poise to achieve a well balanced approach to fitness. It’s been the perfect compliment to a life long love of running. Adding strength and function exercises work muscles I never knew I had. I love the top notch instructors, challenging workouts, and family atmosphere!"

Diane S.

“I Poise because I hate working out and it’s the only workout I’ve ever been able to stick with. As a mom and a business owner, it’s crucial that I set the right example for my daughter. Poise makes working out feel less like a chore and more like a get-together with friends! The music, the trainers, all of it. Poise has made a healthy lifestyle part of my routine, and I couldn’t be more grateful.”

Trudi S.

“I Poise because, I love the vibe, the intensity and the energy in the gym and the variety of workouts to choose from."

Ricky R.

"Poise has really helped me step up my cardio game. In addition to cardio, I love the corrective exercises. For me, Poise is where I get to slow down with weights and work on excellence of form while strengthening stabilizer muscles as well. I have noticed improvement in my form when power lifting and strength training. My posture has improved and I’ve reduced my body fat by 2% in a 4-week period. I Poise because it helps me perform better when doing the physical activities I love!”