Why We Need Challenges

What doesn't challenge us, doesn't change us.

Easy to say, harder to practice, especially when we are constantly trying to simplify our lives. The key is: finding a comfortable balance for you. Yes, you can get your daily challenge in "comfortable" ways, if you can excuse the oxymoron.

First, let's explore what constitutes a "challenge." It is when we venture outside of our figurative "comfort zone." Our lives are dedicated to seeking comfort, so this can be a huge barrier to entry. Additionally, most challenges require some level of "endurance." So if we plan to succeed, we must construct a sustainable plan to fully address the challenge at hand.

In respect to our Visit Challenges, the same can be said. Working out just one time is relatively easy. Creating a regular program can be a challenge. Instead of stressing over an all-or-nothing approach, create a sustainable plan by following these 4 easy steps:

1. Get Started

Mark Twain said: "the secret to getting ahead is getting started." Simple enough? YES! Getting started is simply a decision. Make the decision to take on the challenge because it will not kill you (in most cases). Fear is just that: fear. In reality, there is nothing there. Make the decision, it's as easy as that.

2. Fail

We learn more from failing than we do from succeeding. Progression is using failure constructively. So in order for us to get better and accomplish goals we must be willing to fail. Like getting started, failure is a mind state. If we welcome failure as a part of growth, our failures can then become our successes.

3. Reflect

Failure becomes failure, when we fail to reflect. Use failure as a tool because IF you learn from your mistakes, they are much better motivators than your successes. The hard part is finding the humility to accept failure. Once excuses are eliminated, we can use failure as a stepping stone towards success.

4. Try again

Or you can give up...

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