Take Your Home Workout to the Next Level

Calling all Busy Bees

You'd be hard pressed to find someone who's schedule doesn't make them dizzy at times. Whether it's kid's soccer practice, yet another work meeting, or some much needed time with friends, we all have something preventing us from getting our workout in. Do not fret! The internet is inundated with home workouts (we would HIGHLY recommend our own, Poise Travel Trainer).

These workouts are designed for busy bees who need to squeeze in workouts wherever they are . While you can modify most exercises without equipment, you might miss out on the challenge of adding a little extra weight to your workout.

If you're not in the market for gym equipment, we have the perfect solution for you. There are many things in your own home that work great as a substitute for equipment that you would find at any gym.

1. Wine Bottles

Don't lie to us and claim that you don't have a few wine bottles lying around. These can be easily used as dumbbells. This applies to pretty much anything in your kitchen like a bag of flour or rice.

2. Chairs

Chairs are great for upper body and lower body workouts. You can easily do dips or incline push ups. Depending on the height of the chair, they can be used for step ups as well.

3. Stairs

Stairs can be used for cardio, dips (depending on the height), incline push ups, or step ups.

4. Backpacks

Grab some books and load up your backpack. Wear your backpack when doing squats, lunges, or step ups. (Depending on the size and fit, you might want to wear the backpack on your front instead of back for more stability. This way you can support it with your arms if needed.)

5. Wall You can find a wall pretty much anywhere you go. Wall sits are as easy way to get a quick leg workout in. You can also do wall taps or wall push ups. If you are looking to purchase a few pieces of home gym equipment, we would recommend one or two sets of dumbbells. Ideally one light and another medium, depending on what that means for you. Adding resistance bands is another easy (and cheap) way to add an extra challenge to any workout.

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