Partner Workout

Congratulations! You made it through January. Whether you stuck to your resolutions, cheated a little or totally forgot they even happened, we're here to help you tackle February. We've got a quick partner workout to jump start your month.

Complete all 5 exercises with no more than a minute break in between, 3-4 times for a good sweat.

1. Partner Russian Twist (15-20 Reps)

A (double) take on an old favorite. Sit back-to-back with your partner, knees bent, heels in the ground, back straight. Partner one starts with the weight (or anything 5-10lbs you have lying around the house) and passes it to partner two. Remember to keep your elbows up.

2. Push-up Taps (10-12 Reps)

Start off in a push-up position, feet wide, wrist, elbows and shoulders in alignment. Go down into your push-up, when you come up, raise one hand (should be the opposite of your partner) and tap your partners hand. Count one rep after each hand tap.

3. Partner Plank Drags (10 Reps)

Start with both weights (or anything 5-10 lbs in your house) on one side. Take the hand that's furthest from the weight and drag them to your partner. Repeat with the next weight. Count one rep after the weights are back to starting position. Remember to keep your feet wide so that your weight does not shift when dragging the weights.

4. Sit Up Pass (20 Reps)

Start with your feet staggered with your partners, knees bent lying on the floor. Partner one will sit up with the weight (or non-breakable 5-10 lb household item) over-head. Partner two will sit up at the same time with hands over-head. At the top of the sit up, partner one passes the weight to partner two. Count each sit up as a rep.

5. Partner Wheelbarrow Squat and Push up (10 Reps)

Partner one starts in the plank position. Partner two stands between their legs next to their ankles. With partner one's ankles in hand, partner two squats. Once partner two is back in starting position, partner one will lower towards the ground into a push up. Count one rep once both partners have completed their part of the exercise.