Isolation vs Your Body

Let us first note that for the overall preservation of human life and to make any attempt to control this virus, it is essential that we observe distancing guidelines.⁣⁣


Separately speaking, living in isolation, staying at home, AND being sedentary can cause a number of physical issues of their own, including:⁣⁣

Fat Gain - Beware of what you keep in your pantry! It's easy to get up and grab something when you're at home all day. Only keep in the house what you know you should eat.⁣⁣

Bad Sleep - Screens and our new schedules can be a wicked combination. Go to bed on schedule and try to limit your screen time, especially before you lie down.⁣⁣

Brain Slows - Regular movement and exercise can help improve brain function, blood flow, and fight against toxins which can kill brain cells. ⁣⁣

Muscle Loss - "Use it or lose it." Our bodies unfortunately lose muscle quicker than we gain it. Strength is also said to be directly related to how long we live.⁣⁣

Bad Posture - While we may sit slouched at our old desk, chances are we're not sitting any better at home. Break up bouts of sitting by standing every 1-2 hours. Set an alarm if you can't remember.⁣⁣

Heart & Lungs Weaken - Even if you cannot leave your house, find creative ways to raise your heart rate and exercise your heart and lungs at least three times per week.⁣⁣

Like the virus, a lot of these are not noticeable until they become more harmful or extreme. ⁣⁣


The solution: Try and keep yourself on a schedule similar to your old one. If not, write a new one and make sure you schedule regular exercise. If you use to commute, supplement that time with more movement (walk/jog/stretch/workout) to keep yourself sharp throughout the day, and as the days go by. ⁣⁣


Let's maintain healthy habits as we ride out the last of this pandemic!⁣⁣