How Do You Start Your Morning?

It’s time to “Plan To Win” Fam! ⁣

We've talked about the importance of getting good sleep and how to wind down before hitting the hay. ⁣

Today let's talk about crafting a morning "activation" that is the catalyst for creating a wave of awesome days. ⁣

It's really, and I mean REALLY simple: give yourself the first 60 minutes upon waking to intentionally create micro wins.

Start with 8 ounces of water. Maybe a piece of fruit or something organic/natural when you break your fast. From here the options are endless! ⁣

What lights you up? Reading? Writing or drawing? Singing? Dancing? Yoga, meditation, a walk or full workout? What are those activities that leave you feeling energized, fulfilled and alive? This gets to be highly personalized, so take some time to really think about the things that uplift and nurture you. ⁣

️Imagine consistently waking up *before* the alarm clock goes off because you WANT to! You're actually excited to jump right into your activities and get your day off to the best start possible. And if you're already there, this will only add to the awesomeness. ⁣

️Imagine how that could affect your mood, attitude, your overall health and wellbeing. Play around with this. Test it. Try different activities over a week, then evaluate and adjust from there. You really can't get this wrong.⁣

Consistency is key! Once you find your groove, stick with it. And let us know how it goes!