Finding Your Flow State

What is it that gets you in the zone?

Or put another way: what gets you into your Flow State?

You know... that place where you lose track of time or even forget what's going on around you because you're focused and present on the awesomeness right in front of you.

Some get into their zone via sports. For others it's arts, music and entertainment. And, it could even be when doing passion projects or creating.

If you haven't found what it is for you, no worries! Here’s a few tips to help you: ⁣

Think back to when you were younger...⁣

What activities did you do that made you forget to look at the time? ⁣

As an adult...

What do you do that makes you forget to check your phone?⁣

And, are there any projects or activities that you haven't done yet, but keep saying you will?⁣

Go do those things! Give them a try and see what sparks that Flow State. ⁣

You might find a new fun hobby or maybe even make some new friends who share similar interests. The possibilities are only limited by imagination. ⁣