Does Your Spine Align?

We got your back!

Now more than ever we are finding ourselves sitting and hunched over. You have probably felt some pain associated with this as well. Don't worry, you're not alone. We all have improper movement patterns that can manifest themselves in a number of ways.


SWAY BACK - This happens when the shoulders align behind the hips and the head protrudes forward, often due to a tight lower back combined with poor posture. Often this is caused by inactive glutes. Try doing some slow and controlled glute bridges to reverse this (4 sec up/ 4 sec down).⁣


LUMBAR LORDOSIS - Overarching of the lower back can happen when our core muscles (abs & hips) are not strong enough to hold our body up for the duration of time we are asking it to. This causes an (excessive) inward curve of the lower back. To help reverse this, practice drawing your navel in and pushing your tailbone down while sitting. ⁣⁣

THORACIC KYPHOSIS - Making our way up the spine, the thoracic region is located around the ribcage and shoulder blades. When our chest is too tight and our upper and mid-back are (relatively) weaker, this slouching and spreading of the shoulder blades can happen. You can help fix this by drawing your stomach in while opening your chest and shoulders.⁣⁣

FORWARD HEAD - Protruding head, or iHunch, named after the association with excessive iPhone/device usage, is when our head hangs past our shoulders, often causing our trapezius to rise and tighten, in order to counterbalance the weight of our head. Keeping our chin tucked and shoulders relaxed is a great way to help fix this.⁣⁣

Ignoring postural imbalances can lead to a number of more serious issues. Take a moment to stand up and move around throughout your day. That's what our bodies were made to do! ⁣⁣