Do you have non-negotiables? 

These are the tasks that you're dedicated to accomplishing each day, regardless of what life throws at you or how you're feeling. They are the things you want and choose to (not have to) get done, and they likely also help you when pursuing your goals.

It could be as simple as making your bed each morning. Maybe it's some form of daily movement or exercise. Or, drinking a set amount of water. Perhaps it's communicating with or reaching out to a loved one to let them know you're thinking of them. It could even be a small task that keeps creativity flowing for work, purpose or a passion. ️

Whatever they are, let your non-negotiables support and enhance your lifestyle, making them relatively easy to get done each day. If they feel consistently heavy or like a chore, that might be an indicator to change things up.

Take some time to uncover what those are for you, schedule/commit to getting them done, and practice consistency.