Frequently Asked Questions

I have an injury. Do you offer modifications?

Absolutely! We encourage modifications. We encourage smarter working and empower individuals with modifications to all higher intensity exercises.

What should I bring to class?

We require closed-toe athletic shoes. You should wear something you can comfortably move in. You can bring a water bottle. We have a water fountain and bottled water to purchase if you forget. We also provide towels, but you are free to bring your own if you wish. The lobby has cubbies for any bags you may have with you. Our client representative will always be upfront and if they leave, the door is locked so all your belongings are safe. We ask that all clients leave their phones in the lobby for safety purposes. PLEASE ARRIVE 10-15 MINUTES PRIOR TO YOUR FIRST CLASS

Do I need to sign up online before taking a class?

We always recommend signing up because our class sizes are limited and once we run out of room, we have to turn clients away. Most of the time signing up the morning of is sufficient. However, our busier classes (weekend classes or any specialty class) tend to sell out ahead of time and it is always recommended signing up 24 hours in advance. We ask all of our new clients to sign up online and arrive 15 minutes early to receive an orientation.

How many days are recommended to come each week?

We recommend taking at least 1-2 rest days a week to allow your muscles to rest. At that point, you can come in as much as you want. Our Signature routine stays the same the entire week, however, different instructors will give different modifications throughout the week to mix it up. As your body gets more acclimated to the routine, you can challenge yourself by picking up a heavier weight or adding in a few more reps. You can also try our Ab & Core class, which is structured like the Signature, but with 2-minute intervals that center around ab and core work. Our Endurance class is the same as Signature, but with 1 minute and 30-second rounds. This is a good class to try if you feel like a challenge. In terms of purchasing classes or memberships generally, recommend a membership if you are planning on coming in 3 times or more a week and a class package for anything less.

Should I still come in if I’m really sore?

Listen to your body. Sometimes being sore is a sign of a good workout and sometimes it can be your body telling you to slow down. If you want to workout, we recommend taking extra care to stretch and warm up. Sometimes getting moving can release lactic acid and make you feel better. However, if you feel you need to take a rest day, that is okay too. We recommend that whatever you decide you make sure to stretch and foam roll. Tight muscles lead to injuries.

Will this workout be too hard for me?

If you can move, you can do this workout. The best part about what we do is that it can be modified for any level. You can walk on the treadmill, use light weights and take breaks whenever you please. Either way, you’ll feel great after our workouts!

I haven’t hit the gym in years. How can I get back into a routine?

All you have to do is show up, we'll do the rest. All of our routines and classes are modifiable to any level, so whether you are brand new to working out or an Olympic athlete, we have something for everyone.

I have some friends visiting. Do you offer guest passes?

Our First Free Class is only offered to clients who live nearby, however, all clients with memberships get one Free Guest Pass every month that they can use on anyone they want.

Do you offer Group Discounts?

Yes! If you sign up for a membership with a friend, you BOTH get 10% off. Shoot us an email when you’re both ready or purchase and we’ll email you back a discount code.

Can I freeze my membership if I’m going out of town or get injured?

Sure! If you are heading out of town, we can freeze your membership for $25. If an injury happens to cross your path, we would be happy to freeze your membership for as long as your doctor recommends you are out. Providing a doctor’s note will ensure you do not incur a freeze fee.

Do you recommend any supplements?

As the name implies, supplements are just that, something to add to an already healthy diet. You do not need supplements to lose weight or gain muscle. However, if you are looking for something to take your workout to the next level, you can check out our blog post here.

Can I take classes while pregnant?

We always recommend checking with your doctor. We have many expecting moms come in and take our classes and are always happy to give any modifications that you may need. We ask that you notify our trainers before class starts so that they are able to give you any needed modifications.

Should I eat before my workout or after?

Listen to your body. Some people like to fast until after their workout and some like to eat before. If you come in with a growling stomach, you might not have enough energy to really push yourself during the workout, but if you come in too full, it might weigh you down during your workout. It's always good to remember that your body needs fuel in order to complete your workout. We always recommend water throughout your workout so you don't become dehydrated. If you want specific recommendations for what to eat before or after your workout, our trainers are always happy to share their tips and tricks. If you want more information on this, check out our blog.

Do any of your trainers offer personal training?

Yes, most of our trainers are available and would love to help with a personal goal or specific imbalance if you are in need of some one-on-one or small group training. You can get more information here: Or by emailing us here:

I am new. What do I need to know before my first class?

  • Please make sure you arrive no later than 10 minutes before the start of your first class.
  • If you find yourself unable to arrive at least 10 minutes before your first class, we would be happy to reschedule you free of charge.
  • For saftey reasons, we cannot accept any new clients who arrive less than 10 minutes before the start of their first class.
  • Before your first class, all new clients are brought through a mandatory saftey orientation where we will explain the flow of the class, best practices and address any injuries you may have, or modifications you may need.
  • All new clients who live or work within 10 miles of Poise Fitness receive a complimentary free class!

What is Integrated Interval Training?

Integrated Interval Training (or I.I.T.) is a method of training where both high and low intensity exercises are integrated into a workout program and broken down into specific interval lengths. At Poise we break them into quick intervals and utilize not only the individual exercises, but also their synergy.

What is the youngest age you accept into your classes?

We accept participants as young as 13. We request that there is parental supervision during each attended class. Participants ages 18 and over are allowed without parental supervision. We also request that new participants always arrive 15 minutes before the start of their first class so that we may bring them through a (mandatory) saftey orientation.