Each of our classes follows a similar, easy to follow rotation featuring different focuses and intervals.

Poise Signature


You can do anything for a minute. We cycle through 10 different rounds of Strength, Cardio, and Functional Movement exercises, broken down into quick one-minute intervals.

Poise Abs & Core


Your core is anything that keeps your body upright. In this class, we cycle through 5 rounds of core and abdominal exercises. Each Strength, Cardio, and Functional Movement interval is still only one minute, but we complete 2 exercises in each section before rotating. 50 minutes, done!

Poise TRX


Part cardio intervals. Part strength sets. Part suspension training. Part core exercises. All results. We still follow our Signature: Strength, Functional Movement, and Cardio rotation, but now with suspension training integrated into the mix.

Poise Boxing


Even lovers can be fighters. Poise Boxing follows our 3 station cycle of: Strength, Cardio and Functional Movement, except we practice boxing combinations in the functional movement area using boxing gloves and focus mitts. Each station is 3 minutes in total (like a real boxing round), and we cycle through 4 total rounds of the 3 stations. Modifications are happily accommodated.

Poise Strength


Poise Strength is a weight training class. We integrate dumbbell, kettlebell, resistance cable, TRX, and body weight exercises to focus on the upper and lower body. Each exercise is done for multiple sets to maximize results. There is little to no cardio/treadmill-work in this class, but you'll still be sweating.

Focus Of The Week