All You Gotta Do Is Show Up

We empower our members to reach their individual fitness and exercise goals one workout at a time.


Our gym utilizes an integrative approach to training, which strengthens both muscles and ligaments so imbalances can be rehabilitated and results can be sustained. Each of our classes features a different focus and interval length which all cycle through: StrengthFunctional Movement, and Cardio intervals (run/walk on the treadmill or outdoors).

We offer (and encourage) modifications because working smarter always beats re-injuring yourself. At Poise Fitness, all intensities are given the same respect. At this gym, we will yell with you, but never at you. We are not here to compare you to others in the class, because you're a badass no matter how strong you are, or used to be. 

Our fitness classes are easy to follow and curate to your preference and goal. You can always exercise at your own pace, so you will always leave the gym feeling better than when you came.

All you gotta do is show up.