The Poise Formula

We Integrate different exercises at varying intensity levels so you can see progression over time without risking injury. Modifications are provided to accommodate ailments and offer variety. Each class is structured around three easy to follow rotations of different focuses and intervals.

Class Types

Poise Signature

You can do anything for one minute. We cycle through 10 different rounds of Strength, Cardio and Functional Movement exercises, broken down into quick one-minute intervals.

Poise Abs & Core

Sculpt your midsection as we cycle through 5 rounds of core and abdominal exercises. Each Strength, Cardio and Functional Movement interval is still only one minute, but we complete 2 exercises in each section before rotating. 50 minutes, done!

Poise TRX®

Part cardio intervals. Part strength sets. Part suspension training. Part core exercises. All results. We still follow our Signature: Strength, Functional Movement and Cardio rotation, but now with suspension training integrated into the mix.

Poise Strength

Poise Strength is a body-sculpting class. Each exercise is done for multiple sets to maximize results. There is little to no cardio/treadmill-work in this class, but you'll still be sweating.

Class Schedule


I have been going to Poise for over a year. They have some of the best workouts I have done, and a fantastic staff of trainers that put their own unique spin on each week's routine. Justin always calls us family, and that is what makes Poise unique --it does feel like family

Shannon - Facebook

This gym is great! They combine running on a treadmill with strength training stations for a full body workout. Instructors are motivating and I always leave feeling great.

Amanda - Google

Excellent workout, AMAZING people..... I have tried many gyms, If you want an effective, safe, and comprehensive workout, come to POISE!!

Troy - Facebook